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of Toronto's communities and neighbourhoods.

photos by Dave Meslin , Rachel Lissner, Jon Studiman & Natalie Rizzo

Site 2:  Islington & 401

The application says that these signs are "compatible with the development of the surrounding area", despite the fact that there is a residential district only 275m away.  The billboard will be clearly visible from the sidewalks of Islington, as well as from these homes on Alenby Avenue:

Site 3:  Caledonia & 401

The application describes a residential neighbourhood 235m northwest that is shielded by a noise barrier and trees, but they don't mention the new condo tower a little further, with an entire wall of terraced units directly facing the billboard.

The application says that billboards "will not adversely affect the adjacent properties" and then goes on say that directly to the west are "light industrial and commercial buildings".  That may be true, but just beside that - are homes!  The billboard location is only about 150 metres away from front yards and gardens.

Site 1:  Kennedy & 401

The application states that the homes to the north east are shielded by "noise barriers and trees".  However, we found homes that directly face the billboard location, with an unobstructed view from windows and the yard.

The application describes a commercial district just west of the signs, but doesn't mention the cluster of apartment buildings that are just beyond the commercial district!  These windows, and the park below, will face the billboards:

The report mentions a commercial residential district 200m away, but doesn't mention that the district contains brand new condo towers and a hotel - all exposed to the billboards.

Neighbourhood impacts of the Metrolinx billboard locations

Despite assurances that the eight digital billboards will not be visible from residential properties, we found the exact opposite to be true.